A place for big business and even bigger dreams.

Join this Swedish-American businesses and innovation mecca tailored to entrepreneurs, scaleups, innovators, and seasoned business executives.
Gateway is a one-stop shop for companies of every size wanting to raise the bar for their business’ success in New York City and beyond


Non-resident memberships are for those with an irregular or occasional need for workspace or whose primary interest is the Gateway community, programming, and events.


Resident memberships are for those who are using Gateway as their primary work space and require either a private desk or a studio. All residents membership include 24/7 access to the gym, complimentary meeting rooms, mail service, monthly complimentary meeting hours and free attendance to most SACCNY and Gateway events.



For members interested in the Gateway community and programming. It includes occasional access to Gateway and full access to our events, free of charge. It is a non-personal membership and corporations may be bundles of them (5, 10, 15, 20 – bundles benefit from a 10% discount).



For travelers whose home address is outside the tri-state area and only wish to access Gateway while they are in New York City a few times a month.



For those who will be in and out of Gateway and do not have the need for a permanent desk.



Private office seating 1-3.



Private office seating 4-5.



Private office seating up to 7.



A personal desk with a private locker.

Perks & amenities.

> Free access to events and programming

> Limited complimentary access to meeting rooms

> 24/7 access to the facilities

> Complimentary tea and coffee

> Printer

> Mail service

> Gym, lockers and showers

> Exposure on Gateway website

> Conference and meeting rooms

> High-speed internet

> Access to the SACCNY-Gateway network

> Phone booths


A desk at Gateway gives you so much more than an office and a Manhattan presence – it opens the door to the SACCNY-Gateway community. At
Gateway, we don’t only encourage community engagement, we depend on it. We harness the ambition and energy of our members and create a community bursting with entrepreneurial spirit.

Take a look inside.

Not only can we offer you state-of-the-art offices, meeting rooms and a gym in the beating heart of Manhattan, we do it with style too. With Swedish style. To make you look good. Take a look around the space and connect with our team when you are ready to join the community.

Are you ready?

f you are already a SACCNY member and would like to transfer your membership to become a Gateway member please contact us at: gateway@saccny.orgIf you are a member at Epicenter please get in touch to see the complimentary benefits it provides you with at Gateway.




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