On the twenty-ninth floor, right above the bustling streets of Midtown, Manhattan, you’ll find yourself surrounded by twenty-thousand square feet of business, collaboration and creativity. This is your office. This is Gateway.

An initiative by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York.


Gateway provides dedicated and flexible desk solutions as well as private studios with panoramic views of Midtown, Manhattan. A one-stop-shop for all things business, all things innovation — take advantage!


Since 1906, we have carefully curated and nurtured an expansive network of corporates, creatives, investors, innovators, and must-knows to make sure you’re always rubbing shoulders with your business’ next best friend.


Gaze at the city from up above in this uniquely Swedish collaborative business space. From high-end studio offices to flexible desk solutions, Gateway provides all the tools for work and experimentation.


Business services at Gateway are designed to simplify and optimise your entry to the U.S. From back office support to business matchmaking to acceleration programs.


Gateway is an initiative by The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York, the first and foremost Swedish chamber based outside of Sweden. With over one hundred years of experience and expertise in promoting and strengthening trade and commerce between Sweden and the USA, Gateway is the evident next step in modernizing and innovating the historical support arm that has been essential for any Swedish entrepreneurs, established corporations and beyond — Become a part of our established community.


The creation of Gateway was made possible by the generous investments of numerous corporate partners. The partners hold a special place at the Chamber and Gateway. If you are interested in becoming a partner and be visible at Gateway, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.